My name is Tedi, and my passion is working with businesses to develop digital marketing solutions that fit their needs. Digital marketing combines my love for analytical, data-driven decision making with creativity, storytelling, and serving clients.

When you work with me, I pride myself on operating within my values; Communication, Education, and Transparency & Integrity

Communication: I respond to all emails in a timely fashion, and keep clients up to date with weekly, monthly, or task-based check-ins. Whether clients prefer email, phone calls, or video meetings, I am able to accommodate a variety of communication options.

Education: There’s nothing that frustrates me more than seeing consultants and experts use industry jargon or vague explanations with their clients. My goal is to ensure that clients feel informed, educated, and involved in decision making. If something doesn’t make sense, we will walk through it together. I will ensure that I use plain language definitions so these sometimes complicated concepts become easy to understand.

Transparency & Integrity: Every decision is always made with the highest professional standards, integrity, and best interest of my clients at the forefront of my mind. Through successes or failures, I am accountable and forthcoming with my work, and am always happy to walk through any questions or concerns.


My Experience

I have been working as a freelancer/independent marketing consultant since January 2018, and in that time I have worked with over 30 different businesses, ranging from local professional services to international beauty brands, and nation-wide chain restaurants. Some of these businesses are incredibly niche, such as genomic lab integration software or transit shelter programs, while others encompass a more general industry, such as real estate or dental services.

This diversity has been intentional – I have been able to learn about a wide variety of industries and business types, and have honed my skills in being able to research and write for any business. 

My work for each company varies by their needs, and range from one-off, limited scope projects to effectively being the entire marketing department. While I specialize in SEO and web content, I also have knowledge and experience in the entire spectrum of digital marketing, which allows me to easily work with other contractors or provide insight and advice to clients on a range of strategies.

In total, I have 6 years of digital marketing experience. Before beginning my own business, I worked as a Digital Marketing Manager for a travel photography startup, and then in a communications and engagement role with the BC Provincial Government in the natural resources sector. My wide range of experience has allowed me to quickly dive into any new business and grasp their tone, mission, and goals.


I have experience optimizing websites built on the following platforms:

  • WordPress
  • Squarespace
  • Shopify
  • Wix
  • Weebly
  • Custom-coded sites (with developer support)

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