“An absolute pleasure working with Tedi who helped us with our SEO and digital needs as we launched our new company website. Tedi is gifted with clear communication, on-point recommendations with strong rationale, and delivered on time if not earlier. Tedi is a true subject expert and I look forward to recommending her to my contacts.” – Ben Turner, Earls

“I have run my own business for more than two decades but have never worked with an SEO team before. I wasn’t sure what to expect but Tedi and her team have exceeded all of my hopes! She is amazing, kind, creative and always ready to listen to a new idea (no matter how many times she’s probably heard said idea before). Most importantly, she has made a huge difference in my online sales. Tedi and her team are an integral part of my business and I couldn’t do it without them!” – Michelle Wilkins, Beauty Nook

“We recently started working with a corporate coach designed to help us chart and navigate our growth goals. He mentioned working with a well known SEO firm and told him I have one. I could see the skepticism in his eyes. And I understood it. The SEO field is rife with companies willing to take your money but not so willing to deliver results. We did a quick Google search incognito around some of our keywords in our key growth markets. We were number one for each result, thanks to Tedi’s work. We jumped on a zoom call to review our progress indicators and discuss growth strategies. Every time — every time — Tedi anticipated what he would have suggested and had already addressed the issue.  I watched the skepticism slip away and totally got it. You will too.” – Marcus Swift, Select Janitorial

“We have worked with Tedi Bezna Digital Marketing for around 2 years and have been very happy and consistently impressed.  Since we began working together, our business has jumped back up to the #1 spot in the Google organic search results and our Adwords and Analytics metrics are constantly improving.  Tedi is without question an expert in her field, easy to communicate with and very accommodating and professional.  I would recommend her without hesitation to anyone looking for help with Digital Marketing.” – Scott Sheldrake, Bullet Security

“Tedi was absolutely easy to work with and very reliable. She was able to provide me with answers every time I asked questions and tweaked things quickly when I asked to! She presented herself in a really professional manner, which is essential for me, always following up and eager to give me more details when I requested it. Since we’ve worked together, I’ve already booked two calls with people who found me through Google!” – Leslie Abraham, Bonjour Baby

“Tedi is a pleasure to work with. She is quick to reply to any of my questions and needs. Tedi is professional and a gifted communicator. I am extremely impressed by the final product and look forward to working with Tedi in the future” – Bradley Blois, Phoenix Human Services

“After years of working with big firms or small internet research companies, I was kind of done. It seemed like SEO was a jargon-filled field with little to no way of holding them accountable. I took some time to better educate myself, fired my latest waste of money and searched for a local firm with someone I could work with and trust. I was struck by Tedi’s knowledge and experience right away. I was impressed with Tedi’s openness to being held accountable and producing consistent indicators of success. Then I was completely sold when the phones started ringing. My business has grown directly as a result of Tedi’s work. Very satisfied customer.” – Marcus Swift, Select Janitorial

“While working with Tedi, I was very impressed with her professionalism, reliability, and willingness to go over and beyond to make sure the job got done. It was important to seek out a digital marketing consultant that would not only be capable of getting the task at hand done but also had a heart of a teacher to coach me along the way. I 100% found that in Tedi.” – Brina Martens, AdButler

“Tedi was a delight to work with and really made a difference on my campaign.  She has excellent instincts, interpersonal skills and her ideas were always thoughtful and effective.  If you are reading this and are wondering if you should work with Tedi, I would say 100% yes.  She is a person full of integrity, dedicated to results and has a strong social media intelligence.” – Colin Plant, Saanich Councillor and CRD Director

“When I was looking for someone to help with all my social media accounts, we spoke with Tedi and decided to meet for a consultation. When we met, Tedi came to our meeting well prepared and was very professional. She had a wealth of knowledge and I was very confident to work with her. From the first month Tedi has been very forthcoming with all her work and knowledge. When we have been busy, Tedi was great to stay in communication, share her ideas, and used her wealth of knowledge on improving our website, sending more traffic to our site, and has made all of our social media accounts sound and look good. My wife and I are so happy we have found Tedi and add her to our business team. We continue to use her and looking forward to keeping our business relationship strong.” – Cory Joseph, Dog Nation

“I worked with Tedi to develop and launch a Facebook Ads campaign to promote Locelle, our local social networking app, at the BCTECH Conference. Tedi crafted ad copy, creative and targeting for our unique audiences, and ensured that she understood the nuances of our business. Tedi was attentive and responsive throughout the campaign, and addressed any issues that arose so I was able to engage with attendees at the event. We were looking for a digital marketing consultant that was both talented and invested in the success of our business, and have found that with Tedi.” – Humaira Ahmed, Founder and CEO, Locelle

“I was very fortunate to receive a one-on-one Digital Marketing coaching session with Tedi. I entered into our meeting having very little knowledge about current trends in Digital Marketing and left our session with a suite of skills and resources that will help me to confidently navigate the Digital Marketing realm. Tedi was accommodating and able to present the information in an easy to understand, relevant manner. She used real-life examples and asked poignant questions so that we could tailor our time together productively, and provided lots of material for further learning. I would recommend Tedi to anyone who needs some guidance and doesn’t know where to start – it will be time well spent.” – Lauren Kelley

“We started working with Tedi to help us launch our first major Google AdWords campaign, and from the beginning she has taken the time to truly understand our business and our goals. She has shared her knowledge and provided lots of valuable education so I am able to make informed decisions. Tedi is transparent, honest and professional in her recommendations. In every interaction, it is clear that Tedi cares deeply about the work she does, as well as the organizations she works with.” – Linley Faulkner, Head of Growth, Semaphore Solutions

“Tedi worked collaboratively with us to redevelop our company website.  She was a pleasure to work with.  Tedi provided highly professional service including being responsive to questions and always meeting deadlines.  She understood our business needs and provided lots of ideas to help us create the kind of website we were looking for.” – Margot Tubman and Thomas Broeren, Gordium Associates

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