Whether you’re creating a brand new website or have been online for years, it can be so easy to miss the basics that you need for SEO success. SEO is always changing, with new features and algorithm updates happening constantly, but there are a few things that you can put in place for your website to make sure that your business stays on the pulse of what is working well for your site, and which opportunities you can capitalize on. 

A Clear Message and Offer

When I first began working in SEO, I was shocked to see how many websites didn’t clearly state what service or product they offer. Saying that you provide “exceptional service that streamlines your business” doesn’t tell me if you are an accountant, a janitor, or a custom software! Explicitly stating what product or service you provide, and if necessary, where you provide it, is critical for both Google and the people landing on your site seeing out your business. If your site is confusing or unclear in any way, users will bounce off your site and your Google rankings will be impacted!

Google Analytics

If you have a website, understanding how many people come to your site, and from where, is critical. Especially if you are paying for any kind of traffic, such as Google Ads or a social media consultant, it is critical that you can see not just the volume of users, but also how they are behaving on your site and which are converting to sales or leads. A properly implemented Google Analytics account can be the difference between raking in the cash or flushing your money down the toilet. 

Google Search Console

This free tool is every SEO’s insider secret. The Google Search Console is like your front-row seat to how Google sees your website, and gives you detailed info on how people are finding your site. This can be the key to determining new target keywords, getting up-to-date reporting on your rankings, and allows you to look at trends and changes in your search visibility as they happen. 

These three basics are just the beginning – they will give you the best shot at getting your website off on the right foot, and tracking how well your website is performing on Google.

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