Entrepreneurship has been in my blood and a part of my life for as long as I can remember. When I work alongside other entrepreneurs to help their businesses grow, I provide the unique perspective of someone who was raised with a behind-the-scenes look at running a retail business, as well as my own experience of being a service-based entrepreneur. 


When I first meet with potential clients, I always like to share a little about myself, and give some background on why I take my responsibility as a marketer so seriously – I understand that each decision I make and every campaign I run isn’t just for some nameless, faceless corporation. Behind most businesses are entrepreneurs who are passionate about what they do, and who use their incomes to support their families and the communities around them.  


I have been an entrepreneur for as long as I can remember. Early businesses included selling plums from my backyard on country roads, DIY wasp traps at the campground that I spent my summers in, and even a pet grass business that continues to this day! I learned sales techniques and grit from my many years selling Girl Guide cookies, and as a teen dipped my toes into service-based businesses with babysitting and even my own event assistance company. I have spent most of my life finding problems to solve, and providing a solution within my community. 


I was lucky enough to be surrounded by examples and inspiration for what business ownership can bring, while also developing an intimate understanding of the hard work and sacrifice it takes to succeed.


My grandfather owned a chain of drycleaners in Montreal, and my dad was in the pet store business for over 20 years here in Victoria. Dinner table conversations circled around revenue, inventory, staffing, and customer retention. I saw the up and down roller coaster of entrepreneurship firsthand – from late nights driving to the mall when the security alarm went off, to my dad’s ability to always attend my school plays and soccer games. I saw my mom sat at a late 90’s computer learning QuickBooks to keep the finances in order, while my granny became a well-known face at the store selling first pets to the kids of Victoria. I understand deeply the commitment, resilience, and responsibility that running a business takes. 


I had always heard from others that business owners must be rich, greedy, and only care about the bottom dollar. But I saw every time I walked through the back of my dad’s pet store, shelves filled to the rafters with hamster wheels and dog food, a picture of me pinned to his desk; a constant reminder of what the sacrifice, hard work, long nights, and uncertainty was for – providing a better life for his family, staff, and community. This is what I hold close to my heart today as I work alongside other business owners, pictures of their families lining their desks. 


In conversations since the pet stores have closed, my dad has told me, “If I had someone like you, maybe things would have been different.” This has been the fuel to my fire in helping other small businesses to succeed; to be the person that makes a difference in the businesses and lives of these dedicated individuals.

From one entrepreneur to another, I want you to know that when working with me, not only do you receive my years of expertise in SEO and digital marketing, but a lifelong commitment to serve and support other businesses in their success. 


If this sounds like the kind of person you want to work with for your digital marketing, let’s chat.