The decision for who to hire to help market your business is deeply personal and varies from business to business. While some businesses may assume that a marketing agency is the best way to go, there are lots of benefits to using a freelancer you trust to work with you on your marketing efforts. 

Below, I’m outlining some of the pros and cons of working with a freelancer for your business’s marketing so that you can make the best choice for your business, and your team!


  • One-on-one relationships: When you work directly with a freelancer, you know exactly who your services are being provided by (if you have any doubt who will be completing the work, definitely ask!). Especially for ongoing services, having a strong relationship with a freelancer that takes the time to understand you and your business can be invaluable. When agencies have a team working on your account, it can be unclear if the person you’re speaking with is the one actually performing the job, and accountability for work can become murky. High turnover can also mean that information, preferences, and relationship can slip through the cracks.
  • Affordability: Freelancers almost always cost less per hour than agencies. This makes total sense, as the overhead costs for freelancers are much lower than a larger organization. Price is not always a reflection of quality – paying more does not mean you will have a better experience, or receive assistance from someone more qualified. Many freelancers work part-time, and are able to charge less for their services.
  • Flexibility: Many agencies have minimum packages that are above and beyond the needs of many businesses. If you just need some basic fixes or a small-scale marketing campaign, a $2000 a month package for the next two years may be excessive. Many freelancers work on an hourly rate or are able to customize their packages to best suit your specific needs.
  • Local connections: Your city may not have a full-scale marketing agency, and especially for local businesses, an understanding of your local market is critical. It is much easier to find a local freelancer that knows and understands your business within your city limits. 




  • Capacity and availability: For most freelancers, they are a one-person operation, which means that if you have a large scope of work or an extremely tight deadline, a freelancer may not have the bandwidth to support you. If you are working with a freelancer that also has a full-time job, you may also not be able to meet during standard business hours.
  • Limited services: While some freelancers can be a one-stop-shop for a variety of services, some are more specialized, which means you may have to manage multiple freelancers for different tasks and campaigns. It’s best to get a clear idea of your overall marketing strategy before working with a freelancer so you can find the right fit the first time. 


As a freelancer, it breaks my heart to see all freelancers being painted with the same brush – unreliable, poor-quality, and a riskier choice than working with an agency. As someone who has been on both sides of the coin, having hired and worked with agencies and freelancers in previous roles, I can tell you that the biggest key to making the right choice is to go with your instincts and only work with someone you have the opportunity to get to know and trust. If any marketer makes their services sound too good to be true – it probably is!

Deciding whether or not to hire a freelancer for your marketing tasks depends on so many factors – from your budget and goals, to the value you place on individual relationships. If you’re considering working with a freelancer for your marketing, I’d love to hear from you