SEO Audit

A thorough audit of your site is the first step to gaining a better understanding of how your site currently performs, identify opportunities, and address risks that can be holding your site back. An SEO audit is required before beginning any ongoing monthly SEO support.

What’s Included:

  • Perform technical audit of your site to ensure analytics is properly installed, and that there are no operational issues
  • Initial analytics data assessment – bounce rates, users, desktop/mobile, time on site, exit pages, etc.
  • Backlink audit and identification of any toxic backlinks
  • Sitemap submission verification
  • Site speed testing
  • Mobile-friendliness assessment
  • Keyword assessment and recommendations through Google Search Console
  • Site structure and URL optimization assessment and recommendations
  • Site name and description assessment and recommendations
  • Page names and description assessment and recommendations
  • H1, 2, and 3 tag assessment and recommendations (headers and section names of your site’s pages)
  • Image tags and description assessment and recommendations
  • Assess keyword density of site copy
  • Improved user experience recommendations
  • Brief competitive analysis to identify SEO opportunities for your site
  • Develop report on any immediate issues to address, and identify threats and opportunities for your site

Deliverables: 10+ page report plus detailed technical audit report

Timeline: 4 weeks

Keyword Research & Initial Site Optimization

What’s Included:

  • In-depth keyword research using enterprise software, Google Search Console, Google Keyword Planner, Google My Business, and additional contributions from the client.
  • Optimization of each page including updated page titles, meta descriptions, H1,2 & 3 titles, image optimization, and primary & secondary target keywords.


  • Spreadsheet with keyword research including search terms, average monthly search volume, competitiveness level, and average cost-per-click
  • Spreadsheet identifying primary and secondary keyword, current page title and meta description, optimized page title and meta description, and any additional notes for each URL on site
  • Optimized pages on-site (Access to client’s site required for manual optimization)

Timeline: Varies based on size of site, but can also be broken down over 1-3 months to accommodate client budget.

Monthly SEO Support

While initial SEO optimizations can boost your organic search presence, it truly is a marathon over a sprint, and some level of ongoing SEO support is needed for long-term success. These services can be customized based on a business’s size, location, goals, and budget. Certain elements are standard, such as monthly reporting, but a local brick-and-mortar business will have very different needs than an e-commerce site. 

What’s Included:

  • Monthly SEO reporting on organic traffic to site, on-site behaviour, positioning for targeted keywords, and overall rankings and impressions
  • Ongoing monitoring of performance based on clicks, impressions, and positioning to identify risks and opportunities, develop recommendations and take action on any adjustments needed
  • Ongoing technical site monitoring to address any indexing or technical issues promptly
  • Monitor algorithm changes and adjust site content, structure, or technical elements to keep site up-to-date with best practices and developments
  • Content strategy, and new site content development (guides, blog posts, and landing pages)
  • Optimize new content or pages 
  • Online brand monitoring, link building, and link retrieval
  • Google My Business posting, monitoring and optimization
  • Online citation building

Timeline: SEO results can take 3-12 months for initial improvement and ranking, depending on the competitiveness of the client’s industry. Most clients have been working with me for many months and years, and continue to see value in long-term SEO support. Clients can cancel their services with 2 weeks notice at any time.


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